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We’ve had to cease trading for the time being unfortunately owing to the impact of Covid-19. Please email info@allstarchoir.co.uk for further information. Choir Belles will remain online for the foreseeable furture and will be run by Olivia Keast.

Choir Belles


We like to make people happy, and we often succeed – here’s what some of them have to say…

Singing at Choir Belles is the highlight of my week.Your Content Goes Here

Rachel Bond

Children sing, dance and perform. My 13 year old has been at choir since she was 4 and still looks forward to every session!

Mrs. Docherty

I can’t believe the sound we all made!


You transformed a group of timid first-time singers in to a confident choir

House of Commons

Hayley started the AllStar Choir at Tillingbourne Junior School in 2009 and has since encouraged many children, from numerous schools, to sing in the contemporary choir performing at various events and occasions. She has an infectious enthusiasm that children can not help but be engaged by, encouraging both boys and girls, who wouldn’t normally, to participate in singing within the nurturing environment of the choir. Hayley regularly runs AllStar Choir singing assemblies at Tillingbourne and I can highly recommend them – to succeed with a school of 360 children and staff enjoying singing in harmony during a 10 minute assembly is a fantastic sight and sound!

Willa Baird, Music Co-Ordinator Tillingbourne School

Our children’s confidence has really grown since they joined the AllStar Choir

Mr & Mrs. Adamson

Choir is fun with a capital F! Our son loves learning the songs as well as the dance moves and always comes out with a big smile on his face. Choir has built his confidence and social skills. The fact that he is desperate to do choir each week is testament to how much he loves it.

Warrick, School Governor

Thank you so much for your beautiful work yesterday at Jack and Tom’s party! The parents and the boys enjoyed themselves tremendously, and our boys’ singing was such a highlight!

Irina and Daniela, Irina and Daniela

We love our lunchtime singing; it’s a great stress-relief and a brilliant leveller

House of Commons

Hayley is an exceptionally talented singer, performer and choral director and is super dedicated to achieving excellence

Mark De Lisser, Royal Wedding Choir, ACM Gospel Choir, Singology

The thing I like the most about All Star Choir is how true it is to its name in being an inclusive community in which every child feels like a star. As someone who does research on issues of diversity and inclusion, I recognize excellence when I see it. If some clubs may emphasize technique/theme/discipline ending up unbalanced in terms of the composition on gender, age or learning style, All Star nurtures individuality and self-expression and makes technique/theme/discipline secondary to the happiness of each choir boy and girl. It is only a side effect that they get a powerful choir, a choir of voices that know they are being listened to. Hayley and her team get moved by a child singing not for the perfect tempo or pitch but for their courage to be on stage and their generosity to share. They teach our children to sing but equally they teach them to co-create in an environment of care and respect, which is what truly inclusive communities do.

Mrs. Cojuharenco, Senior Lecturer, Guildford University, Mrs. Cojuharenco, Senior Lecturer, Guildford University

Our daughter has made new friends and thoroughly enjoys learning new songs and routines at AllStar Choir

Miss. Chambers